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Our firm, in cooperation with our international corporate services network can assist in the setting up of companies and other entities at any jurisdictions which are more frequently selected by international businesses.

Our dedicated team of professionals can assist you on choosing the most convenient offshore jurisdiction, subject to your needs, operations and business intentions. We can provide consultation on various tax and legal systems among the regions while you can get the greatest benefit.

We provide a complete package of corporate services, such as:

  • appointment of directors;
  • appointment of local agents in offshore jurisdictions;
  • appointment of trustee/nominee shareholders;
  • opening of Bank accounts; and
  • accounting services;


We assist our clients with company formation services at nearly every offshore center in the world, including:

  • (BVI) British Virgin Islands;
  • Belize;
  • Panama;
  • Seychelles;
  • Singapore;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Marshall Islands;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Malta;

International business companies are regarded as tax free companies. Once in an offshore jurisdiction and carrying out no kind of business operations there then, offshore companies will pay no taxes in the offshore jurisdiction of incorporation. Offshore companies are generally not subject to any tax, except an annual renewal fee.

Further, offshore companies can set up offshore bank accounts at offshore banks which are scattered around the world.

The International Business Company helps investors and businesses to

  • Lower tax obligations;
  • Protect assets;
  • Invest tax free; and
  • Increase your privacy.


The registration of an IBC is a fast and straight forward process. Once the legislation is in place in a jurisdiction for registering an IBC then, this company can be successfully incorporated. IBC registration is easily carried out and in some offshore jurisdictions this process takes no more than one working day for completion.

In most offshore jurisdictions just one shareholder and one company director is needed for the incorporation of an IBC and the same individual can play the role of shareholder and director.

Further, many offshore jurisdictions makes it mandatory for the person wishing to register the company to employ a registered agent, who is a local person or company who have been licensed and authorized by the government to provide offshore services. The registered agent will prepare all the registration documents on behalf of the international business company and file those with the local Registrar of Companies. Our firm provides all such services to our clients.