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KPL makes every effort to develop partnerships with consulting, legal and audit firms as well as lawyers in private practice. Partnership with us will give you the opportunity to provide high level of international services to your clients.

We provide different business programs with special rates and the most favorable conditions. For more details please contact us


We offer business cooperation to consulting, legal and audit companies as well as to individual entrepreneurs. Cooperation with us gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with a wide range of high quality international services.

Cooperation opportunities:

– Commission fee in the amount of 10%-20% of each client’s order;
– Expansion of the portfolio of services provided to your customers on the basis of the KPL services;
– Access to free consultations regarding international law and administration;
– The use of KPL practical experience in work with your clients. These opportunities will allow you to significantly expand your clients base and increase the profitability of your business.


– Partner works with the client directly;
– Partner submits the information (completes all questionnaires) on behalf of a client;
– Partner determines the cost of services for a client himself;
– Partner directly invoices the client, KPL invoices the Partner;
– Partner is granted with a 10% discount on all KPL services (with the exception for deposits and state duties).

– Partner gets the opportunity to expand portfolio of services provided;
– Partner does not incur any additional costs for support of the base of companies administration;
– The partner receives timely notice about the requirements and procedures in relation to client’s companies (payment of state duties, submission of reports, changes of legislation, etc.);
– Partner gets access to free consultations related to international law and administration.


– The client works directly with KPL;
– KPL has direct contact with the client and provides him necessary services;
– KPL bills the client directly;
– Partner’s commission fee is 10%-20% of the first client’s order;
– The client does not know the amount of commission paid to the Partner.

– Partner gets a commission without additional effort and expense – just giving KPL the contacts of a potential client;
– Partner has the ability to get report about number of clients introduced to KPL and calculation of the commission based on their orders;
– Access to free consultations related to international law and administration.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.